The Essential Pad Man Online Learning Resource

There is a lot more to holding pads for combat sports than just actually holding them.
After spending many years in fighter’s dressing rooms watching people warm up by hitting pads, I am convinced that the majority of what I witness is detrimental to a fighter’s development.

Karl Tanswell is one of, if not the best coach I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. His pad work is technically and strategically on another level. I place him among the worlds elite and anyone lucky enough to have worked with him will tell you the same!
Davey Grant, Professional MMA Fighter

Why this Online Learning Resource?

Whilst I was initially amused watching these poor ‘pad men’, my amusement soon turned to frustration when it was happening more and more at every event I attended. There seemed to be a complete lack of understanding and experience.

It was then that I decided to develop this training resource to help educate the guy holding the pads.

Every Detail Counts

The difference between winning and losing a fight is very small; if only a small percentage of your mitt work is off point it could be very costly.

Taking out distance management, accuracy, pressure and footwork and simply focusing on punch rate for a second, consider the following:

  • In a three minute round you are fed 60 strikes (a relatively low punch rate.)
  • Your session consists of five, three minute rounds (5×60 = 300 punches)
  • One minute rest in-between each round.
  • Add a warm up and cool down
  • Multiply this by three times per week.

Even with this minimal input of time, compounded over a six week “fight camp“, an athlete is investing valuable time.

Picking a ‘Pad man’ should not be a case of just choosing whoever is around to hold pads for you at the time, nor should it be having somebody jump in at the last minute before a fight just to adopt the image of “fight trainer”.

I had the pleasure to work with Karl and I can honestly say he’s the best coach for MMA I have worked with, and I have worked with some of the best coaches in the UK and Europe.
Curt Warburton, Professional MMA Fighter

Ask yourself this:

“If you were the athlete, would you use a Pad Man who:”

  • Just decided to pick up the pads and self-proclaim him-self as competent.
  • Just turns up on fight day to hold pads.
  • Feeds pads in the same way for every individual no matter opponent, style etc.
  • Copy’s one of the Boxing Pad Men from YouTube .
  • Could potentially injure the fighter.
  • Has no idea of Progression

What you will learn by signing up

  • Warm up and warm down
  • Injury prevention for the Pad Man
  • Getting to Know Your Equipment
  • New Fighter Assessment
  • The Fighting Measure
  • Footwork (who’s hustling who?)
  • The Fighting Measure (MMA Specific )
  • Why the Number System is Redundant
  • The Cross Pads Defence System
  • Balance Checks
  • Neural Disruption
  • Towards Total Freelance
  • Downloadable PDF’s
  • Pro Fighter Training Sessions
  • Go Pro Footage from the Pad Man and Fighters Point of View
  • Video Analysis
  • Problem Solving Drills